017 Getting Along With His Baby Momma

Let’s face it. Most females don’t get along with the baby momma. She’s probably pissed at the fact that she has a baby by him and at the fact that he has a new girl.

016 3 Things to Expect During Your First Year of College – With Christie Garton

Attending your first year of college is a huge step and can be a bit scary. Being prepared can definitely help ease those feelings and that’s what this interview with Christie Garton is about.

015 5 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

Want to learn how to land that perfect job? Learn 5 ways to prepare for a job interview and you could do just that.

014 Facebook Challenge… I Challenge You…

If you haven’t noticed lately, there’s been a lot of challenges that have been trending on social media sites lately – Facebook specifically…

013 How to Get Your Mom to Dress Like a Mom

Do you have a mom who dresses like the girls in your school? Do you wish she dressed more like a mom? Or do you have one of those moms who shows off just a little too much skin when your friends come around? Well go ahead and listen to this episode. It has the solution to your problem.

012 How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Date

So you think you’re ready to date uh? Are you sure? Well It’s a good thing I’m not the one you need to convince. Dating is a huge step; not only for you but for your parents as well…

011 How to Talk to Your Parents About Sex

Today’s episode is important because too many teens are getting their information about sex from the wrong people. I get into ways on how you can talk to your parents about sex without you feeling silly and them blowing a fuse.

010 How to Overcome Bullying

It’s not easy being a bully. They have to constantly stay on their p’s and q’s. I mean there are new insults they have to come up with on a daily basis and not to mention the time they have to put in, in order to know your every step. They try really hard.

009 Penelope Soto’s Mistake In Court

You know it’s one thing to get arrested for something and then turn around and disrespect the person in charge of your fate. In case you’re unaware of the situation, 18 year old Penelope Soto was arrested for being in possession of a drug she had no business having.

008 What to Do When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

Why is it that every time something doesn’t go our way we tend to get highly upset? We might yell, scream, curse, throw things; the works. It’s actually a natural reaction. When things are down in the dumps we can sometimes act a fool and I’m guilty as charged…

007 Balancing Your Life

In this episode I share tips on how and why balancing your life can be beneficial to not only you, but to others as well. It can be a definite struggle when you have tons of things on your plate…

006 Scarlet Responds and Tips for 2013

In today’s episode I answer a question about adjusting a class schedule in order to establish a relationship and I also give a few tips on how to be a better you in 2013…

005 How to Stop Sibling Rivalry

I know how annoying and frustrating it can be to live with siblings. They invade your space, take your stuff and hog the bathroom. It’s really not fun. But you can definitely learn how to coexist, you just have to know how. It doesn’t take a lot of screaming, yelling or fighting to get your […]

004 My Condolences – Sandy Hook Elementary

Words can’t express how I felt when I heard about the tragic shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School this past Friday. It was described as one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history…