5 Things to Never Say During a Fight

Fights are almost guaranteed in a relationship. The two of you won’t see eye to eye all the time and that’s okay; you’re allowed to see things differently. However, there’s just some lines that you shouldn’t cross. I know sometimes we may want to say things to hurt the other person’s feelings intentionally – which […]

017 Getting Along With His Baby Momma

Let’s face it. Most females don’t get along with the baby momma. She’s probably pissed at the fact that she has a baby by him and at the fact that he has a new girl.

Back to School: 3 Reasons to be Glad You’re Back

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a dread. It actually should be an exciting time in your life. There are so many things to look forward to instead of dreading the things about school you hate.

016 3 Things to Expect During Your First Year of College – With Christie Garton

Attending your first year of college is a huge step and can be a bit scary. Being prepared can definitely help ease those feelings and that’s what this interview with Christie Garton is about.

5 Things I’ve Learned About Relationships

I’ve had my fare share of relationships – some good and some bad. But I’ve definitely learned a lot from them all. In this post I share with you those things.

3 Reasons You Should Go to College

Figuring out whether or not you want to go to college can be a difficult decision. But hopefully by the end of this post you’ll be able to determine whether or not college is the way to go…

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go to College

Is college for you? Well if you’re going for any of these reasons then maybe college isn’t for you…

015 5 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

Want to learn how to land that perfect job? Learn 5 ways to prepare for a job interview and you could do just that.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Parents

Parents… you gotta love em’ right? They nick pick one day then they do something awesome for you the next. They can be totally unpredictable at times. But hey… what can you do? Even though parents can be a drag at times, they can be pretty cool too. But for the times when you don’t […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having Sex

Now a days everybody is having sex. Everything is sex, sex, sex. Well let me tell you, it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be…

014 Facebook Challenge… I Challenge You…

If you haven’t noticed lately, there’s been a lot of challenges that have been trending on social media sites lately – Facebook specifically…

My Top 5 Smartphone Apps

If you have a smartphone, there are probably tons of apps that came with it and that you’ve downloaded to it.
But no matter how many apps you have, there’s always those ones that you just can’t let go of…

013 How to Get Your Mom to Dress Like a Mom

Do you have a mom who dresses like the girls in your school? Do you wish she dressed more like a mom? Or do you have one of those moms who shows off just a little too much skin when your friends come around? Well go ahead and listen to this episode. It has the solution to your problem.

Q&A: How do I Stick to My Daily Study Plan?

From Jaya: i need tips om how to stick to my daily study plan. plz avoid the usual tips, tell me something new and motivating.   Thanks for the question Jaya. It’s no secret that committing to a daily study plan can be a bit blah. When you think about it, you dread doing it, […]