Teen Violence: Pregnant Teen Gunned Down

I hate the fact that I even have to talk about this, but I think it’s something you should hear.

I don’t really like watching the news because a lot of times it’s bad news. But even when I don’t I still hear what’s going on from other people.

I was shocked and saddened to hear this. In Chicago this past Tuesday, a 17 year old pregnant girl was gunned down. Sources say she was shot at least 3 times in the heart, once in the foot and once in the back of the head.

Being only 6 months pregnant, the doctors were able to save her baby who is in stable condition. She also has a 16 month old son.

She was supposed to go to the doctor’s office today to find out the sex of her baby. Unfortunately, she will never know. She had a baby boy.

What is Going on in the World Today?

This disgusts me in every way. I can’t believe some idiot would have the audacity to kill a pregnant girl. I can’t imagine what they were thinking and I don’t believe I’d ever want to know.

I don’t understand why things like this happen and I don’t suppose I ever will. To understand why a young mom had to die like that is impossible.

Never Take Anything for Granted

My goal is for you to think about life as a whole. You are not promised today, tomorrow or the rest of your life for that matter. You can be here today and gone tomorrow within a blink of an eye. This poor girl was.

She had no idea the day before, that the next day she would not see her son or the rest of her family. She had no clue that the steps she took that day would lead up to her no longer being on this earth.

Now of course none of us think that way. We don’t walk around thinking if something bad is going to happen to us today or tomorrow. We just play the hand that life deals us and that’s fine.

I want you to enjoy life to the fullest. However, I also don’t want you to take anything for granted. Be appreciative of everything and everyone in your life because they are not promised to be there.

Make it a goal to be a better person and help other people in any way you possibly can. Even if it’s just holding the door for someone or buying a homeless person a meal, do what you can.

Live life, enjoy life, but never take life for granted. You control what this world will be like in the future. Help make it a better and safer place for all of us.

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