Is Being Disabled the End of the World?

A lot of people think that because they’re disabled it means that life itself is basically over. They think they can’t have fun anymore, laugh anymore or do anything. They think that they are less of a person because of this.

That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean that you’re not like everyone else. As a matter of fact, this actually makes you a stronger person because you are living through it.

It may seem like a difficult thing to cope with in the beginning and that’s quite alright. It may have come to a shock to you at first. But I just don’t want you to get hung up on it. It’s not going to make your life or anyone else’s better by you moping around 24-7.

I can’t tell you how many people have a disability that has accomplished something great. I mean most of them have done things that you and I will never do in our lives.

Here’s Some Inspiration

For example, Oscar Pistorius, a 21-year-old business student from Pretoria, South Africa, is a double amputee of the knees. He is an Olympic runner who in 2004, won the 200 meter gold in the Paralympics.

Now even though he had carbon fibre prosthetic legs, just the fact that he didn’t have the legs he was born with and won a race with prosthetic ones, says a lot about him. He gets major props from me.

Stop Being Disabled and Become Able

Being disabled is not the end of the world and Oscar Pistorius is a prime example. Whether you’re in a wheelchair, have no arms legs or feet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue living your life.

I believe in God in every way and I believe that he works in mysterious ways. You are an inspiration to someone and the sooner you realize that the better.

Your life will be full of mistakes, disappointments, sadness, anger, joy, fulfillment, love, happiness and laughter. It’s up to you how you handle different situations and which way you want to feel.

So, is being disabled the end of the world? Not in my eyes and it shouldn’t be in your eyes either. Whatever you’re going through, it’s definitely possible for you to get through it.

Never let a darn thing hold you back from being happy. How you overcome it is what makes you stronger and a better person. So, take the word “able” from the word “disabled” and run with it. Let me know where you end up.

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