How it Feels to be an Aunt

I was actually in the delivery room when my sister had her first baby and boy was it an experience. While she was pregnant, it hadn’t really sunk in that I was going to be an aunt.

For the longest it was just my sister and I and I never thought in a million years that she would have a baby. She never said she wouldn’t, but that was the furthest thing from her mind.

When my niece finally did arrive, I had to realize that my baby sister was no longer a baby and that she now has a baby of her own.

When my sister called me and dubbed me god-mother, I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Even though I gladly accepted, I was a bit nervous.

She was making me responsible for her child, my new niece. It was a scary thought, but I got over that quickly. I’d be more than happy to look after her if need be.

It’s amazing how kids grow up so fast. My niece is already one year old and I remember it like it was yesterday when she was born.

She was so little and the crazy thing is that she still is. She’s technically 17 months and she can still fit into some 8 and 9 month old clothes. She’s a tiny tot.

I don’t get to see her that much because we live in two different states. When I do see her, it’s like I’m a stranger, so it takes time for her to warm up to me.

It kind of hurts when she cries and won’t come to me, but I understand why she does it. So I try to spend as much time with her as possible when I do visit.

I realize that I have a responsibility as her aunt. I’m there to teach her things, spoil her, give her advice, spoil her, listen to her, and oh yea, did I mention spoil her?

Well, I think my mom has spoiled her enough for everyone, but I can still get some good stuff in. Being an aunt is great though. It has so many benefits.


  1. Dionne Murdock says:

    Well Sis,I believe u are Fab as her Auntie,she loves u much & misses’ u DEARLY!

  2. Thanks sis, I miss her too 🙂

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