What’s on Your Back to School Checklist?

School is approaching fast and it’s important to have the necessities. If you’re shopping all at once, you should definitely have a back to school checklist at hand. This will help prevent you from forgetting anything.

It’s the new school year, so you’ll probably want to arrive in style. Maybe you want to make a statement and show everyone the new you. Even though you may be dreading the new semester, it’s coming, so you might as well be prepared.

Stand out With New Threads

New clothes and shoes will definitely do the trick. Choose something that represents who you are. Try not to follow everyone else and what they’re wearing.

It’s normal to want to fit in, but dressing according to who you are is a lot better than looking like someone else. It means that you’re your own person and definitely not a follower.

Get Enough School Supplies

Try to figure out exactly what type of school supplies you will need. You know the basics already such as pens, paper, notebooks, etc. But what about the supplies your instructor may require? You can’t forget about those.

As you reach a grade higher every year, you will be required to have different supplies. You may need a specific calculator for math that can create graphs and stuff like that. Your English instructor may want you to bring a flash drive in order to save documents.

Whatever the case may be, make sure that you try to get everything you need at once. This will save you loads of time and will prevent you from not being able to participate in class.

Create Good Lunches

Try to stock up some good lunch foods. Straight Twinkies and cupcakes won’t cut it though; you have to throw some healthy stuff in there as well, at least to please your parents.

A good lunch could contain a sandwich, your choice of chips, a drink and maybe an apple for the healthy part of the lunch.

If you have to, shop with your parents so that you can at least get in some foods that you like as well.

Having a back to school checklist will definitely put you on the right path to having a successful school year.

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