How to Get Through a Break Up

It’s not easy trying to figure out how to get through a break up. So many things are going through your mind and you’re feeling what you believe to be a million different emotions.

You may find yourself taking the break up really hard, depending upon the circumstances. Or you may be thinking that it was time to break up a long time ago.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time for you to get through this break up and get on with your life.

Accept the break up

You may be in denial right now about the entire breakup. You may be thinking about a way to get back with your ex.

You can’t completely get through your break up until you accept the fact that you are broken up with your ex.

So, don’t buy them gifts hoping to re-establish the relationship. Don’t show up with flowers, candy, kisses or hugs.

Don’t get on your knees begging for them back. You don’t want to look desperate do you? If you answered yes to that question, we have a lot more work to do than I thought.

You have to dig deep down inside of yourself and realize that the relationship is no more and you have to move on.

Remove your ex from your mind

If you still have some things that remind you of your ex, get rid of them. Throw them away or box them up, sit it on your door step and have them come pick it up.

You can’t completely get over the break up until you get rid of whatever reminds you of your ex.

Say no to sad songs

It is so easy to want to listen to sad break up music once you are no longer with your ex. I’ve made the mistake of listening to music like that and trust me, it didn’t help. It just made me even sadder and that’s exactly how you will feel.

It’s ok to cry and let your feelings out (even if you’re a guy), but don’t let those tears flow for too long. You’re eventually going to have to dry those eyes and get on with things.

Don’t jump into a new relationship

You may have the idea that jumping into a new relationship so soon might help you get over your break up quicker. This is not entirely true though.

You may not be completely over your ex yet. You may find that even though you’re with this new person, you’re still thinking about your ex. That wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing for your new relationship.

Besides that, you may be jumping into this new relationship for the wrong reasons. Are you thinking about making your ex jealous? If so, this isn’t the way to go about it.

You need time to completely get over your break up and just focus on you for a while. Jumping into a new relationship so soon would hurt you as well as the new person in your life.

Get out and have fun

Holding yourself prisoner in your room will definitely keep you depressed. It may be hard to get back to your normal daily life, but you have to do it eventually.

You may find you friends and family trying to step in to help you get out of the rut you’re in. If you need more time to heal then take it. Just don’t take too much time.

Life does go on and you never know, in a few weeks you’ll probably be completely over the break up.  So, these few tips on how to get through a break up should give you an idea about how to move on.

Are you going through a recent break up? Have you been through one? How did you get through it? Comment below and let’s talk about it.


  1. How do you get over the hard long nights and bad sleep habits after a month or so of your ex dumping you?

  2. Hi Jessica,

    It’s not fun being dumped and it’s quite difficult to get over it depending on what level the relationship was at.

    But let me tell you something. No one person should have that much of an effect on you to where you can’t do something.

    You have bad sleep habits and long hard nights because there’s a possibility that you’re not over your ex. That’s okay though. Sometimes it takes time to heal.

    You need to do things to take your mind off of your ex. As long as you think about him, you will have restless nights. It’s been a month for you so you should probably find a way to move on.

    Get out and do things. Hang out with your friends and family. Get a new hobby. Do something that takes your mind off of your ex. Once you do this, you’ll find yourself thinking less about him and more about sleep 🙂 Hope this helps.

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