How to Deal With Gossip In The Workplace

If you’ve ever had a job, then you’ve probably either heard some rumors or have started some yourself. It’s hard to say anything nowadays in the work environment because you really don’t know who you can trust. You may have said one thing to a co-worker who you thought you could trust, only to find out that the thing you told them in confidence has been spread around. Even worse, the one thing that you told them is completely backwards.

I’ve worked with people like that. I won’t say that I’m an angel and that I haven’t gossiped before because that would be a blatant lie. Sometimes it can be hard not to tell a juicy secret that you’ve just heard or to tell a close co-worker something that you’ve just learned about another co-worker.

I had a co-worker who I was really close to. Her and I had lunch together all the time. For some reason we just clicked and we had a really good relationship. Any juicy gossip she got, she would be sure to tell me about it. Whether it be someone quitting, getting fired or suspended, she was letting me in on everything. However, anything and everything she told me, I always kept it to myself. I never went back and said a word to anyone else about what she told me because I didn’t want to be the circle of gossip. Even though I was hearing it, I never allowed myself to keep it going. I even tried encouraging her not to gossip because not only is it a bad thing to do, but if it got back to the boss that she was gossiping, there was a strong possibility that she could get either fired or suspended.

The best way to deal with gossip in the workplace is to not engage in it. It gets mighty tempting to want to tell other folks, but you have to steer clear from it. If someone wants you to tell you the latest gossip, let them know that you don’t want to hear it. Now, I’m pretty good at keeping things to myself, but if you’re a motor mouth, then it’s best you don’t listen to it.

If you have a friend or buddy who feeds you the daily news and you know that you’re going to run to the next person and spill your guts, then simply let your buddy know that you don’t wish to hear the negativity, because that’s all that it is.

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