How to Get a Guy to Like You if He Has a Girlfriend

We’ve all probably had our eyes on a guy who we’ve wanted. The only problem is that he has a girlfriend. It’s hard to figure out how to get a guy to like you if he has a girlfriend, because now you have to put in more work.

A lot of thought has to go into this. That’s because your guy has a girlfriend already and he may be content with what he has. It’s going to be a lot harder to get him to like you if he’s not interested in anyone other than his current girlfriend.

There are some good guys who are in a committed relationship, so you’ll have to figure out where this guy is in his.

However, even though he already has a girlfriend, you may be able to slide in and drop some hints. You never know, he may take to you.

Find Out His Interests

Figure out what he’s interested in and what he likes. Does he play sports? Does he hang out at a particular place often? This way you can get closer to him by attending his games or events. You could pop up wherever he is and act like it was a coincidence.

Get Him Talking

Consider approaching him when his girlfriend isn’t around. This way it’s just the two of you and you can keep his mind off of his girlfriend for a while.

Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. If you’ve seen him in school before or maybe he’s in one of your classes, you could say something like this. “Hey, you’re in my (pick a subject) class with (pick a teacher). My name is (your name). So how are you doing in the class?”

Hey, it’s not perfect, but it will get the conversation rolling. All you have to do is add to it.

Did you by chance see him a party? If you did, then this could be a great opener to a conversation. Here’s a way you could start off. “Hi, you’re (his name) right? Didn’t I see you at (party throwers name) party? What did you think about it?”

All you have to do is go from there. Talk about the party for a minute and everyone who was there. Did someone do something crazy? How was the music? All you have to do is work it from there.

Flirting Goes a Long Way

Flirting doesn’t hurt either. Don’t come on too strong, but smiling and complimenting can go a long way. This will let him know that you’re interested. Compliment his cologne, hair, clothes, or car; whatever you can think of to get a response from him.

If he makes a joke; whether it’s funny or not, laugh. While you’re laughing, gently touch his arm or hand.

You’ll be able to see where he’s at. If he gives off the vibe that he’s interested in you as well, then you’re in. If he doesn’t, then he may not be interested and you’ll have to move forward.

Always Be Who You Are

Be yourself if not anything else. It’s easy to become nervous and change who you are just to impress a guy, but that’s actually a huge turnoff. Guys like girls who are themselves and that’s all there is to it.

Imagine how he would you feel if you pretended to be something you weren’t in the beginning and then turned out to be someone else later on in the relationship?

These things will at least get your foot in the door to see where he’s at and if he’s willing to forget about his current girlfriend and make you his new one.


  1. There’s this guy who I like and he’s with my BFF what should I do should I tell her I like him or should I keep it to myself

    • Hi Lily,

      I think you should keep that one to yourself. If your BFF finds out that you like her boyfriend, then that could stir up some bad blood between the two of you. Friendships are worth holding on to, and your friendship is worth more than a guy. Maybe the safest thing to do is to let her know that you like him if they ever break up. Hope this helps.


  2. what do i do if i like a boy that i think used to like me and maybe still does like me? i still like him, but he gets around a lot. i dont know what to do!!!

    • Hi Hannah,

      You’re not one hundred percent sure he likes you so you need to figure that out. Are you two friends or associates? Do you talk at all? If so, strike up a conversation with him. You could talk about anything. Try and get a feel for where he’s at. You can normally tell if he likes you. Does he look at you a certain way? Does he mention you at all to friends? Does he make it a point to speak to you or to be where you are? If he likes you, he’s definitely dropping hints somewhere. Find those hints.

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