Are You Getting Your Relationship Questions Answered?

If you’re in a new relationship with someone, you may have some questions that haven’t been quite answered. Either that or you’re just not asking them. It’s important that you get your relationship questions answered right from the start.

Being a teen isn’t easy and attempting to bond with someone can be stressful if you’re just getting to know them. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask either your partner or someone you feel comfortable with questions about relationships.

Here are some good relationship questions to ask either yourself or someone else…

Does this person accept me for who I am?

Do they treat me with respect?

How do I go about telling my partner that I love them?

Does my partner enjoy spending time with me?

How do I get my partner to notice me more?

Maybe you’re in a long distance relationship and need help trying to figure out whether it will work or not. Here are some good long distance relationship questions to ask…

Can I trust my partner to be faithful to me while we are apart?

How can I go about making us feel closer even though we are so far apart?

The distance is killing our relationship. Should we just end it?

Should I just pack up and move to where my partner is located?

Are we willing to put forth the effort to keep our relationship going?

There are many questions to ask in a new relationship. Whether you’ve known this person all your life or just for a few months, you still have a lot more of getting to know one another. Here are some good questions to ask in this situation…

Have I known this person long enough to start a new relationship with them?

Even though I’ve known my partner for years now, I’m finding out new things that could put a damper on our relationship. What do I do?

My new partner’s ex just popped back in the picture. Should I be worried?

I think my partner’s family hates me. What should I do to get them to accept me?

I want our relationship to really go well. Should I start doing things that my partner likes to do?

Whatever your relationship questions may be, just be sure that you get them answered. There’s nothing worse than going into a relationship blind and coming out hurt. It’s definitely better to get your ducks in a row in the beginning in order to save yourself time and frustration.

So, be sure you get all of your questions answered from the start. If you’re still in doubt, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help you.

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