Is Facebook the Enemy?

Some of us have come to a point in our lives when our day isn’t complete until we have shared our lives with the rest of the world; with the rest of the world being Facebook. I know some people who can’t even function straight if they don’t at least log in at least once a day. It’s like this social media site has become a fix for some people’s habits and I wonder all the time, is Facebook the enemy?

I’ve seen a lot of love get passed around there, but I’ve also seen a lot of hate get passed around as well. I’ve seen threats being thrown around, cursing and breakups. I wonder sometimes what Facebook does to people or better yet, what people are doing to Facebook.

To my knowledge it was meant to connect with friends and family. I thought it was a place to establish new relationships and rekindle old ones. Now it just seems like a place where everyone puts their business and other peoples business out to the world.

You may have come across this sometime while posting to a friends’ wall or commenting on a post. To me, your Facebook wall isn’t a place to spread your personal business, for the simple fact that everyone can see it. One wrong small comment could get turned around so fast, and just like that, your business gets spread faster than the plague.

Be careful what you post about yourself and others because it may come back to bite you in the butt. If you have issues with someone, don’t take shots at them on your page. If you’re having issues with someone you are friends with, either talk it over or delete them from your page. Don’t act immature and stoop to their level. What goes around comes around.

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