Trying to Figure Out How to Sneak Out at Night?

So you’re trying to figure out how to sneak out at night either because you got grounded, you have a curfew, or you just have the type of parents who don’t play that. Whatever the case may be, you need out.

I remember the times when I snuck out of the house. I did it many times and got away with it for a while until I got caught. I guess my dad must have come in to check on me and when he saw that I wasn’t in my room asleep, he came looking for me. He found me walking and it wasn’t a pretty sight once I got home.

I didn’t really get yelled at a whole lot, surprisingly. However, I saw the level of disappointment in my parents’ eyes when I arrived home. My dad was really torn up. There were tears in his eyes and everything. I didn’t realize it then that I was tearing them up inside by sneaking out of the house constantly, but I do now.

I really scared them. They had no idea where I was, what I was doing or if I was safe. That’s a feeling no parent wants to have. I understand that now because I’m older and see things differently.

I was being really selfish and I wasn’t thinking about my parents’ feelings. I put them through a lot. You may not see things the way your parents see them now, but you will when you get older.

So, when you’re sitting at home trying to figure out how to sneak out at night, think about how much it will hurt your parents once they find out you’re gone. Think about if the consequences and repercussions you’ll receive when you get home is worth the risk of leaving.

I know it can be tempting to leave out at night for whatever reason, but your safety is way more important. You know how they say “The freaks come out at night?” Well, they do and you don’t want to be amongst them.

Now, you may read this post and dismiss everything that I’ve said here and that’s fine because life is a learning process and you have to learn from your mistakes. But if you do decide to sneak out at night (although I don’t suggest it), please be safe.

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