Teenage Sex Ed 101

You’ve probably heard it from your parents, guardians, peers and others who care about you that sex should be something that you share with a person who you love and who loves you in return.

You may have even heard that you should wait until you’re married before having sex. You’ve heard it all a thousand times, but you still may be unsure of what to do.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, because the last thing you probably want to hear is another person telling you that you should wait before having sex. But what I will do is try to give you some advice before you make your decision.

Sex is a big step I must say. There’s a lot more involved than what you may think. Sex comes with a lot of emotions and it’s just as much mental as it is physical, maybe even more. You should make sure that you’re ready for all that comes with it.

Major Reasons to Not Have Sex

Many people have sex for the wrong reasons. What are wrong reasons you ask? Well, for example, if you want to have sex because all your friends are doing it and you feel left out because you’re the only one who hasn’t, then that’s the wrong reason. There’s nothing wrong with you being a virgin.

Some of your friends may think differently, but if they’re having sex just so they won’t feel left out, then they aren’t doing much thinking themselves. Besides, if your friends are pressuring you into having sex and you really don’t want to, then they’re not much of a friend.

If you’re thinking of having sex because you want to just see what it’s like, then that’s definitely a wrong reason. We aren’t talking about a kiss here. You can’t take back the consequences of having sex.

Honestly, you’re not missing anything that can’t wait. It’s not like the idea of having sex is going to fall off the face of the earth. The consequences can be rough, and maybe too much for you to handle.

There’s always the thought of accidental pregnancy. Do you think that you would be ready to support a child if pregnancy occurred? That’s a big step for anyone and a child needs a lot of love and attention.

Don’t think that contraceptives are one hundred percent effective because they’re not. If you thought that they were, you’re definitely not ready for sex. Remember, the only contraceptive that’s one hundred percent effective is abstinence.

What about STD’s? How do you think you would handle the fact that you could actually get an STD? I guess you wouldn’t know because you may have never had one before and trust me, you never want to. You’ve probably seen the films they show you in health class and it’s not a pretty sight. Many people think to themselves “That could never happen to me.”

Sex can also come with emotional scarring. Let’s say you’re dating someone and somewhere down the line in the relationship, you two end up having sex. Then a few days later they dump you because all they basically wanted from you was sex. What do you think that would do to you? How would that make you feel? You’d probably feel terrible right? That’s why it’s important to think about something like this long and hard before actually taking the plunge.

Don’t get me wrong. Sex isn’t always a bad thing. Beautiful things can happen during this process. You happened during this process. However, if you play around with it like it’s a hobby and you don’t take it as being real, then you can really be setting yourself up for failure.

I hope I helped open your eyes a bit about this whole sex thing. I hope you make the right choice. And if you do decide to have sex, make sure you protect yourself.

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