How Social Networking Sites Determine Job Eligibility

With all the benefits you get from social media networking sites nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t signed up to Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace. Almost everyone you know has one, and if they don’t, you are recommending that they get connected.

Everyone shares information, pictures, they converse and even promote. You’re building relationships and rekindling old ones.

However, did you know that the business you put out there for everyone to see could determine whether or not you get hired for a job?

What Businesses Look For

Let’s say you apply for a position as a bagger at your local grocery store. Now, you’re just bagging groceries so human resources may not really care all too much about what you have online.

But say you apply for a banker position at a reputable bank. Human resources there may just look you up on these social media sites. They are looking for how you present yourself to the public and they’re trying to decide whether you and your personality fit the job.

If they are down to two candidates, you and another applicant, and they need to decide who to choose, they may turn to the social media sites to determine who takes home the job.

You do not want to be the one they turn down because you decided to put pictures up on Facebook of you flipping the bird or cussing someone out on your wall.  It’s not professional looking if you do that now and it certainly won’t look professional to them once they do run across it.

Make Sure You Get the Job

You can at least increase your chances of landing that dream job by cleaning up your pages if you have anything offense on them. If you’re on Facebook, remove any derogatory comments that you or anyone else has placed on your wall.

It’s quite alright to have pictures up of yourself at home, parties or what not, but if you’re a drinker, don’t put up pictures of yourself knocking back a half pint of vodka, a can of beer or whatever other kind of liquor you’ve drank. That’s a sure way not to get the job.

If you participate in any extracurricular activities, make sure you put them on your page. It’s a great way to show the positives about you. If you’ve ever volunteered to help the homeless, been a big brother or big sister or volunteered at your church, add those too.

Those are all adding to your personality and what you are all about. It may give you the upper hand over someone who hasn’t done the things that you have.

If you ever decide that you want to go for that one job you’ve wanted the most, be sure to clean up your social media pages and make it so that you have the least chance possible of getting rejected.

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