Are You a Teen Who Flips the Bird?

We all know what “flipping the finger” gesture means. If you don’t know, it’s basically sticking up your middle finger, which gives the sign of disrespect and basically tells someone to “f” off.

I’ve seen it done a thousand times and you yourself may have done it. I often discourage this act because not only is it not nice, it doesn’t look good on you or your parents.

You may have heard your parents tell you to act appropriately when you’re on your own because you are representing them. I know my parents said that to me a lot.

Back when I was a teen that didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I didn’t flip the finger a whole lot, but I did do it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized what my parents meant.

Anytime I’m out and I see a group of kids or teenagers doing something that they’re not supposed to be doing, the first thing I think to myself is, “Where are their parents?” Why? You are a reflection of your parents.

If you’re out doing something that you know good and well that you’re not supposed to be doing, and other people see you, it looks bad on you as well as the people who are raising you.

What the Gesture Says About You

Sticking up your middle finger basically says that you have no class. You know that you’re better than that. I was on my husband’s cousin’s Facebook page, looking at her photos, and she had her middle finger up in several of them.

She’s a tall, beautiful young lady and I just couldn’t believe it. She plays basketball and has so much going for herself that I had to say something. I sent her a message. Here’s the message I sent her and her reply.

I was looking through your photos and saw a few pics with your middle finger up. Stop doing that girl. I tried telling my sister-in-law the same thing. You are a gorgeous young lady with so much going for you. It makes you look unladylike when you do that. I think you guys think it looks cool when you do it but it doesn’t. You look so much better when that middle finger is down girl. Let’s work on that.

Love Ya,


lmao ok Scarlet!

Sorry about that..& thanks

love ya toooo

Hopefully she took my advice. She’s a good kid and I always want to see her doing positive things.

So think about how you present yourself in public. You are representing not only yourself, but everyone who has helped raise you. Don’t let people think that you don’t have any home training and that your parents have done a poor job in raising you. There’s more than one way to express yourself, and I’m sure you can find a way to do that other than flipping the bird.

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