Stop the Baby Mama Drama!

I’ve seen it all and heard it all when it comes to the baby mama drama. Either you’re fighting with the other gal because you don’t want your child around her, or you think your man is still messing around with her, or because he was messing around with her while you were pregnant.  And what I don’t catch it in real time, I make up with Maury.

I’m going to split things up a bit because I’m talking to my sista’s and brotha’s. Like I mentioned on my about page, you’ll often hear me refer to you as my sista or brotha.

When you hear these words, don’t assume that it’s a “black” thing because it’s not. When I say sista or brotha, I’m referring to every color in the crayon box. I’d like to think of us as being family here.

I’m going to first start with my ladies…

Look, you are a young mother with challenges anyway because you have a child. The last thing you need is more drama in your life. Your issue should not be with the other female because she is basically in the same boat that you’re in.

For whatever reason you don’t like her, there’s no reason why you should bring any kind of negativity into you and your child’s life. Your main focus should be your child and everything thing else comes second.

Besides, do you want your child being brought up around negativity? I would hope not.

There’s nothing that you can’t work out. If anything, if you really don’t like her, try your best not to associate yourself with her. Although you wouldn’t try to if you don’t like her, but if you happen to go to school with her or you see her on a daily basis, try to avoid her.

Why waste you valuable time and energy on stupidity? It won’t get you anywhere and it will only stress you out.

On top of that, while you’re walking around with bags under your eyes from lack of sleep, she’s happy as a Billy goat and sleeping like a baby just by knowing that she’s making your life miserable.

Don’t give her the satisfaction. Be a lot smarter and wiser. Don’t get caught up with the nonsense, it’s not worth it.

Now on to my fellas…

Having a child by one female in already hard enough. To have a child by multiple females is even rougher. First I would like to say, “Stop making babies!” I don’t think I need to go into detail why, because you should already know.

Secondly, you can’t make the two mothers like one another, but you can help the situation. Start by trying to sit them down and talk out their issues. It can’t hurt to speak on issues, it can only reveal what the real problems are and hopefully all of you can come to some type of solution.

If you’re no longer in a relationship with either mother, then that’s fine. However, there may be a time when you have both of the children together and one or both of the mothers might not be too happy about that.

Although the children are related, you need to find some way to diffuse the situation if the two children being together becomes a problem.

So, if there are children involved in your relationship, please try to work things out to stop the baby momma drama.

Do you have baby momma drama? How are you getting through it? Let’s chat.

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