Tips on Teenage Motivation

With everything that comes with being a teen it’s hard to stay motivated at times. I remember when I was trying to juggle a job, school and swim practice all at the same time. It was rough. However, teenage motivation isn’t as hard to keep up as you may think.

Let’s say you’re into all of these activities at school and on top of that you’re holding down a job or two while managing your home life. Whew! It might take a lot out of you right?

Well, there’s a few fixes to those problems. Some you may not be too thrilled with, but they will at least keep you focused, energetic and motivated.

Here’s Where to Make the Change

Let’s start with those extracurricular activities you have going on. Obviously if you’re part of the chess club team, debate team, band, yearbook and baseball team all at once, you’re going to be lacking some self motivation. You’re putting a lot of stress on your body trying to do all of these things at once and eventually your body is going to let you know that. You want to be the best at everything you do, but you can’t be the best if you’re moving like an old 1970 beat up Pinto. You’re body will soon shut down and you’re motivation will be out the door.

If you feel like you’re putting pressure on yourself because you’re obligated to these activities, then you’re wrong. Although you may want to participate in everything, you don’t have to. Try reducing the amount of activities you participate in. Figure out which one(s) mean the most to you and stick with that. Maybe you can alternate years in which you participate in certain activities. If you take on too much at once and you’re not physically prepared for it, you’ll only be letting down yourself and your team because you’re not 100% focused or motivated to do anything.

Jobs are the same way. Some teens juggle two jobs at a time while maintaining school,  home and sports. Hey, some people are just good at multi-tasking. However, if you’re not one of those people you may want to reconsider how much work you take on. You’re not one of the X-Men, so don’t live your life like you are. You can only do so much and if working is killing your energy, then something has to give. I know money may be important to you because it definitely was for me as a teen, but I made sacrifices in order to make things work.

Home life can be a real pain too if you’re trying to juggle many things at once. If you find yourself in this bind, sit down with your parents and talk to them about it. Let them know with everything that’s going on in your life, you find it a bit difficult to manage them and everything at home as well. If the amount of chores are an issue, ask your parents if they could cut you some slack during the weekend and instead pick up on the weekends. Seems like a fair trade to me. Now, it won’t hurt to ask. The worse they can do is say “No”. If that happens, then you have no choice but to resort to the options I mentioned below.

Remember, staying motivated is the key to getting things done and getting them done with a smile on your face. Be careful not to put yourself in a position to where you are half stepping and letting down yourself and everyone else. Focus not at being great at all things at once, but being great at all things one step at a time.

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