017 Getting Along With His Baby Momma


Getting Along With The Baby MommaLet’s face it. Most females don’t get along with the baby momma. She’s probably pissed at the fact that she has a baby by him and at the fact that he has a new girl.

Because of this, she probably doesn’t want you around the baby which may deem difficult seeing as that you and your boyfriend are in a relationship. There’s gonna come a time where you’ll have to be around the baby.

Maybe the both of you have a baby by him and that’s not settling too well in your eyes. Well, what’s done is done and the both of you are going to have to figure out how to make it work.

So how do you keep the peace? How do you eliminate as much baby momma drama as possible and just get along?

In This Episode

I’ve heard enough stories and have seen enough situations to know how to prevent and stay away from the baby momma drama.

This is the time when it’s time to be an adult and put your emotions aside. That baby didn’t ask to be here for one and since you are a part of your boyfriend’s life right now, you’re also a part of that baby’s life as well.

This also means that you’ll become a part of the baby’s momma’s life too. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to learn how to get along.

I want to talk about some ways you can learn how to get along with the mother of his child. If you don’t, life with your boyfriend will probably be pure hell and it might ultimately be the reason you two break up.

Communication Is Important

Do you realize how much nonsense can be avoided if you just talked things out? It’s not hard, I mean you do it everyday. All you have to do is open your mouth and move those lips. Yup, it’s as simple as that.

You and her need to get on the same level and come to some understandings. You can’t do that without talking. I keep saying the word “talking” because that’s what I mean… talking – not yelling… talking.

That’s what adults do when they want to get something accomplished, reason with someone or get their problems solved. I know it won’t be easy, but yelling back and forth certainly won’t help.

You to need to choose a time and place where you can really sit down, meet one another, get to know one another and talk about what you expect from one another.

Know Your Place

It’s so easy to want to put in your two cents worth when the baby daddy is not in a good place with the mother. It’s like you feel the need to step in and say something.

However, you need to know your place. You have to know when it’s time to step in and say something or when it’s time for you to take a step back and shut up.

Not everything that goes on with him and her is your business and you’ll only make things worse by calling yourself saying something to the her about what’s going on with them.

Realize It May Not Be Easy

Being in a relationship with a guy who has a child may not be easy and you may want to determine if if you like him enough to continue a relationship with him.

If he’s worth it, then go in knowing that there are going to be times when it gets tough. There are going to be times when you and her don’t get along.

There may even be times when he’s spending more time with his kid than you. Are you ready to be second in his life? These are all things that you have to think about going in.

Do You Have Baby Momma Drama?

If you have or have experienced baby momma drama, leave a comment and let’s talk about it. I’d love to hear what you went through and how you got through it.

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