Scarlet For Real

I’ve been trying to find myself in terms of Teen-Babble. By that I mean I’ve been trying to think of different types of ways to reach my audience. I just want you to understand where I’m coming from on certain things and why I say what I do when you read my posts. I think I go about ways trying not to offend anyone and I find myself tip toeing around how I really feel.

I’m a very opinionated individual and I basically say what I feel. I try to take others feelings into consideration before I say things because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, if I think that something needs to be said that I feel will better someone and prevent them from making mistakes, then I will say it. Teen-Babble covers various topics related to teens. Some topics are a bit touchier than others. But I can’t hold back on what I feel is needed to be said just because I may crush a few hearts.

Being a teen is about growing, having fun, learning, making mistakes and most importantly, learning from them. My goal is to be there while you grow, have fun with you, help you learn, be there when you make mistakes and tell you how to learn from them. Now I’m not gonna stalk you or anything, lol, but I will be there if you need me.

Know that I’m not always going to tell you what you want to hear. I may say some things that will disappoint you. However, whatever does pour out of my head and onto this blog will be nothing less than the truth. What I may say just might hurt you, but you better believe it will help you. I guess I’m saying you have to accept me for me. I’m a tough chick to deal with sometimes, but you’ll warm up to me, and when you do… you’ll love me.

With that being said, my name is Scarlet Murdock and welcome to Teen-Babble.

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