016 3 Things to Expect During Your First Year of College – With Christie Garton


3 Things to Expect During Your First Year of CollegeAre you on your last few years of high school or really close to going to college?

Are you extremely nervous about going to college because you don’t know what to expect?

Going into your first year of college can definitely be a scary feeling for some people.

You’ll be out on your own with no one to depend on but yourself.

Classes will be harder and mommy and daddy won’t be there to ride your tail.

So the steps you take from your first day going forward will determine how well you do.

However, knowing what to expect during your first year of college can definitely help you prepare and ease any negative feelings you have about going.

In This Episode:

UChicChristie Garton has had the experience of attending college and is an expert at knowing what to expect during the first year of college, as we will discover in today’s interview.

She is the founder of the Uchic (u-sheek) website and author of several books, including her latest book, U Chic: College Girls’ Real Advice for Your First Year (And Beyond!).

Her website sells fashion accessories to fund the 1000 Dreams Scholarship Fund which provides funding to help girls follow and explore their dreams.

Christie is a graduate from the University of Kansas and she also earned a J.D. (joint degree) from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law .

When she’s not super busy with her work, Christie loves staying physically active, playing the piano and guitar, and taking a swing at the park with her two year old daughter.

Even though her books are more for girls and from girls’ point of view during their first year of college, she definitely provides tips that are universal so guys can use the advice as well.

So make sure to listen so you’ll get all the details you need in preparing for your first year of college, the Christie Garton way.

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