My Top 5 Smartphone Apps

smart phoneIf you have a smartphone, there are probably tons of apps that came with it and that you’ve downloaded to it.

But no matter how many apps you have, there’s always those ones that you just can’t let go of.

I’m no different. If any of my favorite apps ever got accidentally deleted, I’d go nutz!

Now even though I have way more than five apps that I love, I thought I’d share a few that are my top faves.

1. Candy Crush

candy crushSo this had to be numero uno on my list. I LOVE me some Candy Crush! For some reason it is SOOO ADDICTIVE.

I recently upgraded my cell phone to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and when I thought this game didn’t transfer over properly, I almost fainted, lol.

Now even though Candy Crush gets harder as you level up and it’s frustrating when you’re down to one move and you need two more to beat the level; I’m still addicted.

And let’s not even talk about that darn Otis in Dreamworld. Boy is it tough keeping that owl balanced on that moon.

This game definitely challenges me… but that’s what I love about it. I’m a Candy Crusher all the way and dang proud of it!

2. What’s the Phrase?

what's the phraseThis game is sort of like Wheel of Fortune, except you get three spins at a time instead of it being the next players turn if you choose a letter that’s not in the phrase.

I love this game because I’m addicted to word games and solving puzzles. I told you I was a nerd.

You can play any random opponent or you can choose to play with one of your Facebook friends.

There are tons of categories to choose from like –  Hot 100 Songs 2013, Awkward Moments, High School Problems, Famous Athletes and Movies from Books, just to name a few.

Also, once you’ve reached a certain amount of coins, you get either bonus coins or a prize that is hidden behind three boxes and you get to choose one. A little advice… aim for the coins… prizes don’t do much for ya.

3. Subway Surfers

subway surfersNow this game is the coolest! You’re in constant motion throughout the game.

The object of the game is to try to score as many points as you can while trying to out run the security officer.

While you start off running, there are numerous coins and power ups that you can pick up along the way to help you out.

Oh, and did I mention while trying to out run the guard, you have to try not to smack into any trains, bushes, walls or barriers?

Yeah, this game is no joke. And the longer you play the game, the faster your character runs which makes it even more difficult when you’re trying to pick up coins and other goodies.

You have the option of temporarily using a surf board that prevents you from dying if you were to run into something, hence the word “Surfers” in the title.

You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for a game with some action.

4. High School Story

High school storyThis game might be a bit out of my age range, but I don’t care, I still love it!

It’s similar to The Sims game to me and I like creating characters, the school and doing the quests.

You get to throw parties, go on dates, customize your characters, battle rival school members, put your friends in the game and so much more.

The really cool thing about this app is that it’s geared towards teen issues. Throughout the game your characters will come across certain problems and you decide how to help them through it.

High School Story is also teamed up with Cybersmile, which is an organization that raises awareness about Cyberbullying.

Right now High School Story and Cybersmile are presenting the One DirectionStop CyberbullyingGiveaway! First prize is a pair of One Direction concert tickets to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California.

So if you’re a One Direction fan, check it out!

5. My Talking Tom

tomMy four year old niece put this app on my phone and I kept it just for her. I continued to take care of him and the more I did, the more I started liking the game.

This game allows you to take care of Tom, your cat, by feeding, bathing and playing with him. You also have to put him to sleep. The notifications let you know when Tom needs something.

If you forget to tend to him, you’ll get notifications like, “This cat won’t feed itself you know” and “There’s no time to explain, get in here!”

There’s also daily challenges that you can complete which allows you to earn more coins. You can dress tom up and the more you take of him, the more he grows.

The game also has potions that you can purchase with the coins you earn that allows you to make Tom bigger or smaller and if he’s sleepy, you can easily take a potion that wakes him up.

Who knew a four year old could choose a really cool and fun game; but then again, my niece isn’t any ordinary four year old.

So what are some of your top favorite apps? Be sure to comment below. Maybe I’ll learn about some new cool apps from you.

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