011 How to Talk to Your Parents About Sex


Today’s episodeBlog Podcast 1 is important because too many teens are getting their information about sex from the wrong people.

Either you’re hearing about it from your peers or your friends or your best friends baby momma.

Whomever you’ve heard stories from, there’s no better way to get the scoop on sex than from the very people who created you.

I get into ways on how you can talk to your parents about sex without you feeling silly and them blowing a fuse. It’s all about the way you address it and start off the conversation.

If you walk up to your parents and say, “I want to know about sex,” your parents might have a heart attack. So to save them a trip to the ER, you have to approach the conversation in a slightly different way.

Once you’re in the conversation and feeling more comfortable, fire away at those questions. You won’t know unless you ask. Your parents are willing to give you all the information you want and more.

Believe it or not, parents are kinda smart so soak up as much information you can. Then you can tell your friends the truth about sex and it’s really all about.

Let’s talk about it. What were your parents reactions to you talking to them about sex? Have you heard any crazy stories about sex? Share your thoughts below.

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