Game 1: Miami vs. Boston

I’m a huge basketball fan. The Los Angeles Lakers is my team all the way! They get their rings tonight and I am so excited for them. I’m looking forward to an amazing year with them. It seemed like they were a bit rusty in the pre-season and Kobe didn’t play that much, but he’s still healing, so I say “Take all the time you need Kobe!” Aside from the Lakers,  tonight is game 1 of the Heat vs. Celtics game and my husband is all riled up! It’s half time right now and I just had to share my thoughts on the game.

If you don’t already know, there’s been some controversy between whether or not Labron James made the right decision with leaving the Cavaliers. If you ask me, Labron is entitled to go where he wants, he’s a free agent. He just happened to choose the Miami Heat. Everyone is hating on him and I can’t believe the comments that Dan Gilbert, Cleveland’s General Manager, made about him. It was completely uncalled for. Now, I’m not a huge Labron fan, but he was definitely loyal to the Cavaliers for the 7 years he played with them. I honestly don’t see what everyone is mad about. Fans were burning Labron’s jersey and just disrespecting him in the worst way. Get over it people! Labron is a grown man, an awesome player and he’s worked hard for his success.

So far, Miami isn’t playing very well. I think that they’re a bit nervous. Wade has about 3 or 4 turnovers now and they’re down by 15 points. The game isn’t over yet though.  Miami just needs to work through their jitters and focus a bit more. Even though Boston is a big team, I still believe that Miami can come back.

I honestly think that the media has hyped up everyone to think that this team is going to be so explosive just because D. Wade, L. James and C. Bosch are playing together. I believe they have definitely set these boys up for failure. Even though these players are among the best doesn’t mean they will dominate the NBA. It’s gonna take more than these three players to make the finals, let along win a championship. They can’t win it on their own. Afterall, it does take an entire team to accomplish this.

Now, my husband is a die hard Heat fan. He’s been with them since day one. He praises them and he scolds them. He’s a pro when it comes to making calls and analyzing the games. I had to get his intake on this game. I asked him a few questions and here’s what he had to say:

Me: Baby, what’s it gonna take for Miami to win this game?

Kentego: Better spacing. They gotta calm down and let the game come to them. They need to quit playing like a bunch of rookies. They’re playing too stiff, they need to loosen up. It’s nothing but game 1, the gotta get some chemistry.

Me: What does D. Wade need to do in order to help his team decrease their deficit?

Kentego: Wade needs to realize that he has more help now. He doesn’t have to force everything and do everything on his own. He has to let the game come to him. It’s only their first game playing together, they’ll get better. We have a big bulls eye on us and each game is gonna be like a playoff atmosphere, because everybody they play is gunning for the big three. You think Kobe at home twiddling his thumbs? Kobe at the crib watching this game right now, cracking his knuckles. He can’t wait to get on the court and go for them. That’s what I like about Kobe. He loves competition. He’d take the Laker team and put them up against the Eastern All Star team. They might not win, but he has so much drive and confidence that he wouldn’t back down.

Me: I agree one hundred percent with you. Wade does need to loosen up a bit and realize that he has help now, so he doesn’t have to do it all himself anymore. Oh yea, and Kobe is all in when it comes to competition. He doesn’t back down from anyone, no matter how big. Thanks for your input honey.

I love my husband’s opinions on basketball. He’s really animated when he tries to explain different plays to me and what not. I’ve learned a lot from him.

The Lakers game is next. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the ring ceremony and then the game.

What are your thoughts on this game? Where do you see the Miami Heat going? Do you think they’ll make it to the playoffs?

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