Ask Scarlet – I Have Overprotective Parents

Overprotective ParentsLord knows I know a thing or two about overprotective parents.

When I was a teen, almost everywhere I went I had to take my little sister with me. How’s that for fun?

I couldn’t really get my party on or do any of the fun stuff I wasn’t supposed to do.

That’s probably why my parents made my sister tag along. Well played mom and dad 😉

Well Isaac has the same problem and he’s about fed up. It’s to the point where his parents are monitoring his phone calls. Well with him being 17 years old, he thinks it’s a tad extreme.

Heck I don’t blame him, do you? Who wants their calls monitored by their parents? Not me. But on the flip side, there’s a very good reason why his parents are doing what they are doing.

Watch the video below to see how I respond to Isaac’s issue of having overprotective parents and how he can possibly lighten the situation.

By the way, do you have overprotective parents or friends who do? Does it drive you up the wall? Comment below and tell me how you’re dealing with it.

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