Ask Scarlet – I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back

I Want My Ex Girlfriend BackIt’s challenging letting go of an ex, especially when you aren’t the one doing the break up.

It’s like you want nothing more than to be back with them.

So what do you do when you want your ex back, but they’re in their own little world dealing with other things?

This Ask Scarlet question comes from Rohan, who is looking for advice on how to get his ex girlfriend back. However, If I were Rohan, I wouldn’t want her back.

Why? Well watch the video and see. You’d totally get where I’m coming from and you’d want to tell him to move on just like I did.

I know it’s not that easy sometimes, but life is full of heartbreak and it’s also full of happiness too; once you find the right person.

Check out the video and be sure to leave a comment. Do you agree with me that Rohan should move on or should he fight for what he wants?

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