Dealing With Co-Workers

Dealing With Co-WorkersIf you have a job then you might know what it’s like to not exactly see eye to eye with your co-workers.

I’ve definitely had my fare share of headaches.

The trick though is finding a way to deal with it. That has definitely been a challenge for me and I’m still learning.

I don’t have time for bull and I have a problem with authority. So I’ve had to pull some tricks out of my sleeve in order to keep me from snapping.

I know that if they can help me, they can definitely help you as well. It only gets rough if you let it. Sometimes you have to be smarter than they are and channel your negative thoughts into positive ones.

My mom always told me, “Kill em with kindness“, and you know what, that really works. Go ahead and check out the video below on how to deal with co-workers.

Be sure to comment and let me know if you’re dealing with co-workers who you don’t necessarily care for. You don’t have to mention any names or where you work (that would be best), just what your thoughts are 🙂

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