How To Let Someone Down When They Like You But You Don’t Like Them Back

Telling someone you don’t have feelings for then can definitely be a struggle for those of us who actually care about other peoples feelings.

Why did I say it like that? Well it’s true. Some people can care less for someone who likes them and they don’t like back.

They can be really mean and rude and that’s definitely not necessary. Some people’s kids I tell ya.


I’ve actually had four people who liked me who I didn’t like back and it was no piece of cake telling them that.

But I didn’t beat myself up about it because I was completely up front and honest with them.

One was even harder because not only didn’t I like him, I liked his friend. Needless to say that was awkwaaaaard.

But hey, was the guy hurt? Probably. But he moved on and so did the others.

Watch my video to learn how to let someone down without feeling terrible at the end.

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