4 Things I Hate About Fast Food Restaurants

We’ve all been there at least once in our lives. You go to a fast food restaurant and something goes wrong. It could be anything.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of restaurant mishaps and I know you have too. Well I want to compare.

Let’s see if the same things that tick me off about fast food restaurants tick you off too.

1. They Mess Up Your Order

This had to be number one on my list. I don’t personally know anyone whose order hasn’t been messed up at least once. If you are one of the lucky ones whose order they’ve gotten right every time, then way to go you, lol.

I had an unfortunate incident at Wendy’s a few weeks ago that makes me not even want to go back. They messed up my order not once, not twice but three times.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a junior bacon cheeseburger with only lettuce bacon and cheese. Well apparently it does because  no one up in that restaurant could get it right.

2. They Don’t Have What You Want

Have you ever had a taste for something specific from your favorite fast food place? You get yourself ready for it just to find out that they’ve ran out of it.

That really gets on my nerves. I’m a wing gal and I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to my favorite chicken place wanting wings and they’re all out.

You’re a chicken place for crying out loud, how do you run out? I could just order something different, but it’s not what I want and I’m sure you can agree.

3. Your Order is Sloppy

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the food you see on the commercials doesn’t look quite the same as when you get it? I sure have. I say it’s false advertisement.

I don’t know how many Big Macs I’ve ordered where the bun was all smashed down, one meat patty is about to fall off the bun and there was more mac sauce in the box than on the sandwich.

I mean no disrespect to any of these fast food places, but they’ve really got to get it together. If you’re gonna advertise food a certain way, can you at least present it to the customer that way?

4. Being Understaffed

I hate it when I go to Wendy’s ( I love Wendy’s, lol) and there may be only two cars ahead of me, but it takes twenty minutes before I can even place my order.

Then when I do make it to the window to get my food, I see that there’s only two people working. OMG! It’s a Friday night and you seriously have only two people working? That’s not gonna cut it.

I would seriously suggest having more people when it’s the weekend. People are coming from parties, clubs and bars; they’re ready to eat. The last thing people want to do is wait thirty minutes in line to order and get their food.

Here’s What I Think

Fast food establishments really need to step their game up. I mean fast doesn’t mean perfect, but can it at least mean half way descent? People do pay their hard earned money for it.

So what do you think? Was there anything I missed? Comment below and let’s talk about it.


  1. I hate fast food because they’re dangerous for our health, we not know the materials in their food and we should be poisoned . Sometimes they are not tasty.

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