Natural Delivery of Twins

For those of you who are thinking about having sex and are either unaware or don’t care about the consequence of becoming pregnant, this video is for you.

I stumbled upon this video some time last year and have been a subscriber of Gabe and Jess’ channel ever since. Jess is (or at the time was) a teen mom.

Jess has made tons of videos related to being a teen mom. She touches on how hard it is but rewarding as well. Her advice to young people is to wait on having kids.

I thought I’d share this video of Jess having her twins. I do want to warn you that it’s a tad icky, so if you have a weak stomach, then don’t watch.

However, if you can stand it, watch it. See what it takes to have a baby and what a female must go through. I was actually clinging to my chair as I watched. I actually felt Jess’ pain and I think you will too.

Watch and let me know what you thought of the video. I’d definitely want to talk about this one.

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