What to Do When You’re Angry at a Friend

Mad FriendsIt’s definitely a tough situation when you’re angry at a friend. It might eat you up inside that the both of you aren’t speaking. You think you’re right, they’re wrong and vice verse.

It’s complicated, right? I know first hand what it’s like and it’s not fun. But whatever the issue is, it can be worked out. You just have to take the steps to make it work.

Apologize for Your Actions

I’ve never been big on apologizing. I can’t stand it. However, if I’m wrong, I somehow have to push myself to do it. This is something I definitely wish came easier for me.

If your friend thinks you’ve done something wrong to them, accept it and apologize. In your mind you may not think it’s wrong, but to them it is. This is the first step to mending the relationship.

A friend got mad at me once for not returning a phone call. I thought it was super petty, but not to them. So I did what I had to do and apologized for it. I didn’t like it, but it was the right thing to do.

Talk to Your Friend

If your friend has done something to you that you didn’t agree with, then you have to let them know. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed and if you’re mad at them for something that they weren’t aware they had done, then how do you expect them to possibly apologize for it?

Sometimes you have to push that pride aside and be the bigger person. Is staying mad at your friend really worth it? While you two are busy ignoring one another, you could be having fun together.

Act like an adult and sit down and talk. Don’t scream, but talk. Trust me, it can be done. Don’t over talk them either. You can’t hear yourself or them if both of you are talking at the same time.

Let them say what’s on their mind and once they’re finished talking, you do the same. Try to get to the root of the problem. You could say things like, “I don’t like it when…” or “It upsets me when you…” That’s definitely a good way to start, and then you move on from there.

Talking about the issue is the best way to get all of your feelings out. This way you’re friend understands where you’re coming from and the other way around.

Come Up With a Solution

So that you two never find your way back to this spot again, come up with a way to better communicate. If you don’t like it when your friend talks badly about your boyfriend, then let them know.

You can easily say, “In order for us not to have this issue again, it would be best if you didn’t talk about x, y or z around me.” Think of ways that you can prevent being angry over the same thing.

Friends Are Forever

Think about this. Is whatever you and your friend are arguing over bad enough to end your friendship? If not, then make up. Whatever you two are arguing over is not that serious to break up a some odd year friendship.


  1. what is your best friend is looking for some one to date and he’s a guy looking for another guy? I need help for my best friend. 🙂

    • Tyki, do you have anyone in mind for your bestie? It’s not like you can go guy hunting for guys for your guy friend. It’s probably best that he hangs out at places where other gay guys would. I’m not into the whole hooking up thing because it can sometimes come back and bite ya in the butt. But I think your guy friend should look into hanging out at places where other gay guys would. He could also try some dating sites.

  2. I have two best friends that i am mad, what do i do? i need lots of information

    • Hi Fanci,

      I think you should definitely sit down and talk to your two friends about why you are mad at them and also why they are mad at you (if they are). We all have our instances when we get mad at our friends. I have definitely been mad at mine and it’s not fun. However, one of us always caves in and calls the other. We don’t want to be mad at one another but because of our differences, we feel like we have no choice.

      Friends are forever so whatever you guys are fighting about should be minimal compared to your friendship. I suggest you and your friends go out to eat and have a conversation about what’s bothering you. If they are truly your friends, then they will listen. However, if they are mad at you too then you have to listen as well.

      Come to an agreement that whatever got you mad at them, they’ll try their best never to do it again and you guys can move on. But seriously, talking things over is the only way to solve your problem and to get things off your chest.

      Best of Luck!

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