20 Clever Sayings for Bullies

Bullies are the worst. It’s like their main goal in life is to make your life miserable. However, the only way they can do that is if you let them.

Bullies can be hard to ignore, so you have to take another approach with them. You have to outwit them. Don’t stress yourself out because of them. All they’re doing is spitting out is words. You should be able to handle that.

Here are 20 clever sayings for bullies when they say something out the way to you.

Don’t be scared to spit them out either. Put some attitude behind it and let them know that you’re not afraid of them.

1. You must really like me since you take so much time to talk to me.

2. It must take a lot of work to come up with that kind of material.

3. It’s sad because deep down inside I know you’re a good person.

4. Nope, that one didn’t get to me. Try again tomorrow.

5. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to remember that.

6. I’m sorry, what did you say? I wasn’t listening.

7. Oooh, that one hurt (then smile and walk away).

8. You should hear yourself right now.

9. Aren’t you getting tired of this?

10. You should get some new material.

11. What did you say? What? What?

12. Am I that important to you?

13. OMG! That was hilarious.

14. Mission accomplished.

15. Is that all you got?

16. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

17. Feel better now?

18. That was genius!

19. Stay in school.

20. Are you done?

There you go! 20 clever sayings for bullies. If you use them wisely and at the right time, you might be bully free.

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