Do You Take Time to Relax?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that’s going on in your life. Whether it’s work, school or sports, sometimes you just need a break.

You don’t want to wear your body out, so you should definitely take time to relax.

Relaxing can give your body the boost it needs to get back out there to do all the things you normally do.

It gives you the opportunity to forget about all of your worries and stress for just a little bit.

Here are a few ways you can relax…

Lying Down

When I need to relax, I kick my heels up in the living room on my couch. It’s the most peaceful room in my house because no one barely goes in there.

I usually grab a magazine or a book that I keep on the coffee table and I browse through them. This gives me a chance to take my mind off of my troubles for a little bit.

I also will find myself lying across my bed, listening to Pandora on my smartphone. It gives me a chance to listen to some my music and relax my mind.

Try doing the same thing. Either lying in your bed, on the floor or on your couch for just a little while will help take the stress off of your body and give you the energy you need to get back up and go.

Go Walking

You may not realize it, but walking can tremendously aid in stress. It gives you an opportunity to not only get some fresh air, but to relax your mind as well.

When you’re walking, you tend to notice things around you that may help keep your mind off of your troubles. You could be strolling down the street and look up to see a beautiful rainbow. Then you think to yourself, “How cool is that.”

There’s been times where I’ve walked because I was angry and found myself in better mood afterwards. This was because I had the chance to blow off some steam and I took in the positive things that surrounded me.

Change Your Breathing

Do you ever notice that when you’re angry or mad that you’re breathing is a bit different from when you’re calm? For instance, when I’m mad, my breaths are faster and little air is pulled into my lungs.

I learned that breathing easier helps in this situation. When you take time to relax, change up your breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, relaxing your body each time you do it.

Do this about 10 times and imagine your body relaxing. Once you’ve taken your breaths, you should feel more relaxed than you were before.

Get a Massage

OMG! How great does a massage feel? Well if you’ve had one before then I don’t have to tell you. I don’t see how anyone can still be upset or stressed out completely after they’ve had a relaxing massage.

Massages help relieve tension and they definitely get your body back on the right track. Make sure to hit your neck, shoulders and arms.

If you can’t get anyone to massage you, then do it yourself. Seems weird uh? Well it’s not. You can easily rub your neck and shoulders. The only difference is that you have to use one arm at a time.

Now don’t sleep on the self massages. They come in darn handy. I’ve given myself a few and even though they’re not as good as having someone else do them for you, it comes darn close.

Everyone needs time to relax and just because you’re a teen, it doesn’t mean that you’re excluded. Yes your body is in better shape, but when you take time to relax, it helps maintain your body.

What do you do to relax? Let’s talk about it.

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