3 Reasons Not to Spread Rumors

It’s easy to want to tell someone something you’ve heard, especially if the information is juicy. Sometimes it’s too good not to tell someone, right?

I’ve been there and done that and along the way have learned that spreading rumors is a bad idea and here’s why…

Rumors Are Just That… Rumors

Most of what you hear is he said she said and not entirely true. I played this one game in class where my teacher said he was going to tell a phrase to a student and the student has to pass it along to the next.

If the very last student who was told the phrase gets it right, then we would get a party. By the time that phrase got to last person it was all jacked up.

Half of what the student said wasn’t anywhere in the phrase that the teacher said to begin with. Oh, and we didn’t get that party.

Moral of the story, once a rumor goes from person to person, it’s liable to become a completely different story by the time it gets to you. And nine times out of ten you’re passing on false information to the next person.

No One Will Want to Tell You Anything

Once you become the talk of the town, very few people will want to inform you of anything. I know a lady who tells everything so I limit what I say to her.

No one wants their business put out in the streets like that and if you’re known as spreading rumors and talking too much, then no one will want to trust you.

You’re Blamed for Spreading Rumors

When you spread rumors, you’re liable to be blamed for the rumor. When the person you’re talking about asks someone where they heard the rumor from and they say they heard it from you, all types of problems can occur.

The person who’s being talked about could possibly approach you in a negative way, asking why you’re starting rumors. All you can say is who you heard the rumor from.

You can avoid all this if you don’t spread rumors in the first place. I know it can be difficult not to tell someone something you’ve heard, but there are times where you need to bite your tongue.

It’s not funny to talk about people and it can end up biting you in the a**. Would you want bad rumors going around about you? I didn’t think so. So it’s wise not to start them or keep them going.

Have you ever had any rumors go around about you? How did you deal with it? Let’s chat about it below.

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