How to Survive the First Day of High School

OMG! You’re out of middle school (or whatever yours is called) and now it’s time to stomp with the big dogs.

Your nerves are probably bad and you’re wracking your brain on trying to figure out how you’re gonna survive the first day of high school.

With you being a freshman, it’s like you’re a guppy that somehow made its way into the sharks den.

Look, I’m not gonna lie to you. High school can be a scary place. I’ve definitely been there and done that.

However, it’s definitely doable and you can get through it. Here are some ways you can keep your cool while getting through the first day.

Don’t Act Like a Freshman

If you act like a freshman, you’ll get treated like a freshman. You want to walk into that building like you’ve been there before, and a good way to do that is if you’ve actually been there before.

Many high schools allow you to take a tour of the building before you even start the semester. I’d definitely take advantage of it. After all, you want your first day of high school to be a breeze, so why not?

At least this way you’ll be somewhat familiar with your surroundings and you’re not sweating bullets trying to figure out how to get from the D wing to the A wing.

Ask Teachers for Class Directions

Take it from me; you do not want to get lost and a good way to do that is if you ask upper classman for directions.

I remember my fist day of high school. I made the mistake of asking someone where a certain classroom was and they had no problem with sending me halfway across the building just for me to find out that I was in the wrong area.

I wanted to find that kid and kick his (yes, I said his) a**, but I didn’t want to get kicked out of school before it started, so I kept my cool.

Kids can be mean, just in case you haven’t experienced that part yet (you will). So I would highly advise that you ask teachers for directions when looking for your classrooms.

Look for Your Friends

Walking into a new environment can be intimidating, especially when you feel like you’re alone. The cure for that is to see if you can run into some buddies of yours.

If you can possibly meet up with and talk to your friends before class starts, it can really help ease your nerves and there’s as well. Give them some words of encouragement and let them know you’re in this together.

Come Prepared

Usually the first day of high school is a breeze. At least it was for me (besides my classroom incident). My teachers would introduce themselves and talk a bit about what to expect from the class.

However, it may be different in your case. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared just in case you have to work.

At the very least, make sure you have a notebook and something to write with. Those should have been at the top of your back to school list. I would even take your text books as well, just in case. Teachers have an eye for students who aren’t prepared for class and you don’t want to be in the radar of any teacher.

Stay Positive and Be Yourself

Even though your learning environment has changed doesn’t mean that you have to. It’s understandable to want to fit in, just don’t overdo it.

You’ll learn the ropes soon enough and as time passes, you’ll gain people’s respect. You don’t want to walk in thinking you own the place or acting too cool. You’ll get rejected in a heart beat.

This is only the first day of high school. You have many more years of it. Try to stay as positive as possible. Go in with a great attitude, knowing that you’re going to make the best of the semester.

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