Q&A: Never Kissed a Boy

Dear Scarlet,

I’m fourteen. All of my friends are already dating, and kissing boys and everything. But I have never kissed a boy or even had a boyfriend.

I think it might be because of my inferiority complex. Or maybe the causes of it. Like my weight, clothes, skin, mole, etc. And I don’t know what to think about it. And now I’m going to start high school without ever having even kissed a boy. Should I be worried?




Hi Gabby,

You definitely shouldn’t be worried. Just because your friends are at that stage in their lives doesn’t mean that you need to be. You don’t have to dress like you’re ripping the runway and you don’t have to look like a model in order to get a boyfriend.

I’ve seen plenty of overweight females who don’t have the best sense of fashion that have had plenty of boyfriends. It’s really all about how you carry yourself. You have to be confident.

Don’t think something is wrong just because you don’t have a boyfriend or have never kissed a boy. You might want to actually wait a while before you do get one. Having a relationship is hard work and you have to be ready for it.

So don’t rush it Gabby. You have plenty of time for guys. Let your friends do their thing. When it’s time for you to have a boyfriend and actually kiss a guy, then you’ll know.

For now, enjoy being a single because once you do get a boyfriend, there will be times when you’ll wish you were single.

Thanks for sharing your question and I really hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted on how things go and when you finally do get that first boyfriend and first kiss.

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