5 Ways on How to Tell You Are Pregnant

It’s scary enough just thinking that there’s the slightest possibility that you may be pregnant.

Your mind is racing and you don’t know what to think or do. Being pregnant and scared is no fun.

Well, the only way to possibly ease your mind is to actually find out whether or not you are indeed preggers. Here are a few ways you can tell.

1. Take a Pregnancy Test

Of course this is the best way to know whether or not you’re pregnant. You can pick up a pregnancy test from just about any store.

Once you take it, the results should appear in just a few minutes. Try not to drive yourself crazy while you wait. The results will be the same no matter what, so try not to worry.

2. You Miss Your Monthly

Missing your monthly is a known way of how to tell you are pregnant. You should get one every month, so if you happen to miss one, that should alert you.

If you do miss your period, go ahead and take a pregnancy test just to be sure. If you can’t afford one, then you can always go to a free clinic like Planned Parenthood.

3. Your Appetite Increases

Usually a pregnant woman’s appetite increases when she’s pregnant. It makes sense since she’s eating for two now.

If you find yourself snacking a bit more than usual, then that might be an indication that you’re pregnant.

4. You Start Gaining Weight

Because you’re eating for two now, it’s only natural that you’ll start to pick up weight. You’ll begin noticing that your clothes are a tight fit and some items you can’t even fit at all.

5. You Have Morning Sickness

No one really knows why females get morning sickness while pregnant, but fortunately it doesn’t last that long.

If you find yourself often waking up in the morning visiting the toilet bowl, then you might be pregnant. This is the time when you’d definitely want to take that pregnancy test.

So, before you have to walk the green mile and tell your parents that you are pregnant, make sure you are first.

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