Are You Deep In Parking Tickets?

I sometimes watch “Parking Wars” if I can catch it, which comes on AETV. If you don’t know much about the show, it’s basically a reality television show that revolves around cameras following the parking authority in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Detroit, as they ticket, “boot”, and tow cars as part of their parking enforcement duties.

The show, while entertaining, always seems to get me a bit heated while I’m watching.

The person getting the ticket wants to get all angry and hostile with the person who is giving the ticket, when the person who received the ticket is the one in the wrong. It’s crazy. To me it’s like, don’t park all crazy and you won’t get a ticket.

I know that where I live, parking tickets start off at around $10 for something basic, $20 for violating the fire hydrant rule and $50 for parking in a handicap space. Now, if I happen to get a parking ticket and I know that I was in the wrong, then I’ll gladly pay it (well, I probably wouldn’t gladly pay it, but I’d pay it).

If I felt like the ticket was unfair, then I’ll fight it. So when I watch the “Parking Wars” show and I see how much the tickets start off at, I think, “How can I argue about a $10 ticket when other places are charging $70 and more.”

If you don’t have your own vehicle yet (that’s registered in your name) and you happen to be driving someone else’s vehicle and you get a parking ticket, be sure to let them know.

Whether you think you’ll be in trouble or not, it’s your responsibility to let that person know and to assure them that the ticket will be taken care of. If you don’t, it’s possible you’ll lose their trust and you’ll never be able to drive their vehicle again. If you think about it, it’s not really worth it.

Don’t be the one to think that you can get away with not paying a parking ticket. If you get enough of those bad boys, there’s a strong possibility that you will be arrested if you’re ever pulled over. Not to mention that a boot will be put on the vehicle.

Whether the vehicle is in your name or someone else’s, be smart and pay the fines, because if your parents are ever arrested because of your unpaid parking tickets, you better believe you’ll never drive again if it has anything to do with them.

Here are some tips when it comes to parking tickets.

1.  If you’re not handicapped, don’t park in a handicap parking space. I know it’s enticing because their spaces are so much closer to the door, but by doing this you are actually being selfish and are taking up a space that is really needed by a real handicapped person.

You think that you won’t get caught, but when you come back out to your car and see something flapping on your window shield, you’d wish you hadn’t done it.

2.  Stay out of the fire hydrant zones. Depending on where you live, these zones are clearly marked in red, but for the most part, it is illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

It’s obvious why you can’t and that’s because if a fire broke out and fire trucks needed to get to the hydrant your blocking, it could severely slow them down, not to mention the probability that your vehicle could be damaged.

3. The “No Parking” signs are put up for a number of reasons. I know that where I live, some signs are put up to prevent people from blocking driveways of businesses. We also have them up to prevent people from crowding the streets.

For whatever reason the sign is up where you live, there’s a slim chance that they will be changed, so you might as well follow the rules. Whether you’re parked there for 2 minutes or 2 hours, no parking means no parking.

4.  You have to be kind of careful with the parking meters. Make sure that remember how much time the meter gives you once you put your money in. A lot of people put their money in, forget about the meter and then cry when they see that huge ticket on their vehicle.

Where I live, as a courtesy, they void one expired meter notice every six months. I think that’s awesome that the city would even consider doing that. However, other areas aren’t so lucky. Just be sure that you remember how much time you have before you need to come back to your vehicle, or put extra money in the meter.

Taking the time to stick a few extra quarters in the meter is a heck of a lot cheaper than receiving a pricy ticket for not putting money in it at all.

5.  Don’t argue with the person in the ticket place. I know it’s hard to be calm about a ticket; however, yelling at the person behind the counter won’t make it any better. If anything, it will only make things worse. You never know, the manager might be able to void it out for you as a courtesy, but it would be pretty hard to do that if you came in there yelling and screaming.

Don’t take it out on them because after all, you’re the one who got the ticket. If you feel that the officer who issued you the ticket was wrong, ask to fight the ticket and then you can take it to court. This way, you can go before a judge and take it up with them.

6.  Stop at wherever you pay parking tickets and ask for a list of rules. I would highly suggest this if you’re new to the area. This way, you have a set of do’s and dont’s that you can go by.

You’ll have no reason of not knowing the parking rules of the town and you’ll be less likely to receive a ticket if you follow them.

Following the parking rules isn’t hard if you pay attention to the signs. Just remember to be aware of them when you park, and always let the owner of the vehicle know if you do receive a ticket. Most important of all… make sure you pay it!

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