4 Tips on Handling Peer Pressure

As a teen, I know that it can be hard to fit in at times. Because you want to be liked, you tend to go with the crowd; even if it means doing something you don’t want to do.

Peer pressure is a common teenage problem and it can be easy for you to be pressured into certain things. For example, let’s say you and a group of your friends are sitting around trying to figure out what to do for the weekend.

Somehow your friends come to the conclusion that they want to head to the mall to steal. Now you know it’s wrong and you definitely don’t want any part of it.

Everyone seems to be cool with it but you. Once they say they’re in, they look at you for your response. With all eyes on you, what will you say?

You know if you say no, you’re going to be called everything from scary to a punk. When they do that, do you break? That’s peer pressure.

You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. You have your own mind; don’t let anyone else control it. You are responsible for all of your actions.

So what do you do when peer pressure is just around the corner? How do you handle it and how do you avoid it? Well, check this out…

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Who you hang around with definitely influences your life. If you hang around negative individuals, you’ll eventually get caught up in negative situations.

When your parents tell you not to hang out with a certain friend, there’s probably a good reason why they’re saying it. It’s not because they want to choose who you hang out with; it’s because they don’t want you getting influenced by nonsense.

Choose friends who are positive and who you know will be less likely to do anything stupid. Build relationships with people who are level headed and who will less likely pressure you into doing something that you don’t want to do.

Develop a Tough Skin

If peer pressure does come your way, you’ll definitely need some thick skin to get through it. You might be called every name in the book and you might get drilled until you do it, but don’t.

You need to be able to block the name calling as well as the silliness that comes your way. You need to have a bit of will power.

Dig deep and realize that if you’re being pressured into doing something that you know isn’t right and that you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do it. Don’t let anyone change your decision on that, no matter how bad you’re being stoned.

Change it Up

One way to block the pressure is to change the subject. Let’s take the example from above. Your friends want to head to the mall to steal. Why can’t you suggest something else?

Change it up and say, “Hey guys, why don’t we check out a movie?” You could also suggest going to a famous hang out spot. They may like your idea better, forgetting all about their stealing idea. Hey, it could happen.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion to try to get them off of the dumbness. You could be saving your friends from some real trouble.

Walk Away

There’s nothing in a book that says that you can’t walk away from a tough situation. If the pressure is getting too intense for you, then just walk away.

You don’t have to say anything to anyone. If you’re telling your peers that you don’t want to do something and they’re insisting that you do it, turn around like you don’t care and hot foot it to somewhere else.

They may think you’re being stale and that you’re trippin but it’s whatever. At least you know you’re doing the right thing by not being involved in something that you know is not right.

So there you are; 4 tips on how to handle peer pressure. It may seem hard to deal with, but with a bit of sense, you can definitely face it, head up.

Have you experienced peer pressure lately or in the past? What have you done to overcome it? Comment below and let’s talk about it.

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