3 Tips on Being a Teenage Parent

If you’re a teenage parent, I don’t have to tell you how tough it is. You pretty much already know. There are a lot of challenges that you face every day.

The thing is to not let those challenges get the best of you. Ultimately, there are many things that you have to give up. You may not like it, but it is the choice that you made when you became a parent.

Although you may be in a tough situation right now, you definitely have it in you to get through it. Here are a few tips on being a teenage parent.

1. Own up to Your Responsibility

Okay now, let’s get real from jump. You have a child now they are your responsibility and no one else’s. Please don’t call yourself trying to get mom and dad to take care of them.

Your parents’ job is to raise you. Although your parents may want to try and take over, don’t be selfish and let them. It’s okay to let them babysit every once in a while, but don’t overdo it.

You may have to stop having fun for a while. You have to realize that your partying and hanging out days are pretty much over; at least for a while. You can no longer do the things that you want to or used to. You no longer have that freedom.

Right now it’s about your baby and their needs. They need to be able to connect with you. They need to be able to feel safe when they’re with you.

Take responsibility for what you’ve created. At the end of the day, it’s your child and no one else’s.

2. Teach Your Child

Your child relies on you for various things. They rely on you for food, clothes, shelter and love. However, many teams forget that their child needs to continue to learn.

It’s easy to sit them down in front of the television, just to keep them occupied. However, you can’t expect the Disney channel or Nickelodeon to teach them everything.

You need to have that interaction with them. Sit down with your child and play with them. Incorporate shapes and colors into whatever you’re doing.

Babies are so smart and with ever generation, they’re only getting smarter. You’ll be amazed at how fast they can learn.

For example, my niece just turned 2 years old, but at 16 months she knew how to swipe through my phone to look at pictures. The kid is a whiz at it.

Take time out to actually teach your child something. Since they are our future, do your best to mold them into something great.

3. Get Used to It

You have to come to the realization that things are different now. It’s going to take some getting used to. You have this new life that relies on you. It can be scary.

Know that if you take things one day at a time, you will make it. Remember to always put your baby first and yourself last. Do as much as you can for it. Be the best parent that you can possibly be.

Being a teen parent can definitely be a challenge, but it’s all well worth it. A child is always a blessing, never a burden.

Are you a teen parent? What are your thoughts about being a teen parent? Comment below and let’s talk about it.

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