3 Tips on How to Get Along with Coworkers

Have you ever dreaded going to work because you knew you would have to see that one coworker that you don’t get along with (raised hand)?

I’ve definitely been there and done that. It’s not fun at all. For one, your day starts off bad just because you know that you’ll have to face them. Then you have to actually get through the day without slapping them.

Maybe they’re the ones spreading gossip in the workplace, they could be the know it alls or the ones who think they’re funny but they’re not.

I know you probably dread every day, but if you want to keep your job, you have to maintain your composure. Luckily I have a few tips on how to do just that.

Get to Know Your Coworker

It may be a difficult task, but getting to know a little bit more about your coworkers may allow you to work better with them.

If you learn their personalities, you can get an idea of why they act a certain way or why they do the things that they do.

Now this was a hard task for me at first, but I eventually had to accept who my coworker was and her personality. It drove me crazy, but she is who she is and there was nothing I could do to change that.

Try to actually sit down and have a conversation with them. You may find that they’re not as bad of a person as you may think.

Talk to Your Coworker about Their Behavior

If your coworker is doing something that’s absolutely driving you nuts, I would recommend having a pow wow with them.

I’m not the type to bite my tongue and I will let you know when you’re doing something that either gets on my nerves or pisses me off (excuse my French).

It always helped when I would have a one on one because it allowed me to get certain things off of my chest. You don’t want to walk around with that kind of steam in you. It’s best if you let it all out.

If talking to your coworker fails, it’s on to the next step… the big boss.

Talk to Your Boss about Your Coworker

If you absolutely can’t get anywhere with talking to that one person, it’s always best then to go to your boss. It’s come to where I’ve had to do that and I didn’t have a problem doing it.

My boss is fair and she listened to everything I had to say. I had absolutely no issues with telling her that one of the coworkers was getting on my nerves. Besides, I would have rather her take care of it than me (remember I mentioned I don’t bite my tongue).

Working with coworkers can be a difficult task. However, in order for you to enjoy your job and its environment, you need to be able to coexist.

Do you have hard to work with coworkers? How do you deal with them? Comment below and let’s chat.

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