Is Texting and Driving Really That Bad?

Let’s be real here. Who here has ever texted while driving (raised hand)? Guilty as charged. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve done it before too.

It’s like when someone texts you or you have something quick to say, you just have to pick up your phone and text. It’s like it can’t wait.

I used to be like that until I realized how dangerous texting and driving really is. I’ve never been involved in an accident because of it, thank God, but I have heard stories that were really scary.

The truth is that whatever you have to say really can wait…

What are the Dangers of Texting While Driving?

For starters, you can have an accident. I mean that’s a no brainer. If you’re texting while driving that means that you’re not paying attention to the most important thing while you’re driving… the road.

Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re also risking the lives of other innocent people. You may think you can pay attention and drive at the same time, but all it takes is that split second when you look down for it to be all she wrote.

Any type of distraction while you’re driving could mean that you’re putting yourself at risk. Remember when I told you about the guy I almost hit because I was so busy talking on my cell phone? My mind had to be somewhere else for me to almost hit a guy.

Have you ever been driving and had your kid, brother or sister in the car too? C’mon and think about it. Why would you want to risk something bad happening, with your family in the car with you?

I mean if you don’t care about yourself that’s one thing, but there are other people you’re riding with who would love to stay alive for as long as possible. Give them a chance.

Texting and Driving Can be Controlled

If it’s that much of an emergency, pull your butt over, stop and then text. Seems like a hassle uh? Maybe. But it does mean that you’ll have a better chance of getting to your destination in one piece as well as another automobilist.

You can certainly put your phone on vibrate or better yet, turn it off. If your trip is only a few minutes, I think you can go that long without your phone.

If you’re driving a long distance, don’t text. If you have to communicate with someone, call them. Since talking and driving is pretty much dangerous as well, I suggest making sure you have a blue tooth or another ear piece device that you can talk through.

Not texting and driving isn’t as hard as people make it to be. It’s really simple, but then again, it is a difficult task for some. Refrain from becoming a statistic and don’t text while driving.

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