Are You Giving the Finger on Facebook?

I had to write this post because I’m getting so tired of coming across Facebook pictures of people giving the finger. Of course everyone knows what it means, but why would you want to present yourself in that that way?

To me it’s like you’re saying “F” the world and anyone who comes across that picture. I especially hate it when I see females do it. Again, why present yourself in that way?

Giving the finger doesn’t make you look cute; you’re way off if you thought that. It makes you look less of a lady. It makes you look like you have no home training what so ever. Please stop it.

This is especially if you’re a young mother. You have a child that will one day grow up to be your age. Is this the way you want them posing in a picture one day? I hope your answer is no.

You’re a role model now for your child; please act like one. That doesn’t mean you have to act like a nun, it just means that you have to present yourself like a lady and act like you have some sense.

Guys aren’t any different. You have a group of friends who are all giving the finger in the picture and you feel obligated to do the same just to fit in.

Are you a follower? Do you have to do everything your friends do? Do they have that much control over you?

Let’s face it. Many guys want to stay within their click. They want to be cool, liked and respected. Well, sticking up your middle finger doesn’t make you look cool; it doesn’t make anyone like you and who would want to respect a guy who says “FU” to the world.

Everyone, please do yourself a favor and stop showing the world your middle finger. You’re better than that. You might think it is cool just because everyone else is doing it, but it’s not, trust me.

There are many other clean ways to express yourself. Find them and stick with those. Everyone says that you are our future. I don’t know if I want the future sticking up their middle finger at everyone, you feel me?

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